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This fan site began in early 1999 as a bit of an inside joke. Initially, it was a site counting down the days until my friend Nancy and I went to see David Selby perform in Long Day's Journey into Night at Hartford Stage in March 1999. We were fortunate enough to meet David and talk to him following the show, and I posted some photos from that event for our friends to see upon our return. I also had various links on the site about the play, the theatre, etc., and, of course, there was plenty of self-deprecating humor and sarcasm running through the whole thing. It was intended as a spoof of the cybershrines devoted to various celebrities that continually pop up on the Internet.

Somewhere along the line, the URL for the site that started as an inside joke became public, and I started toning down the wisecracks somewhat and taking the site a bit more seriously, inasmuch as I am capable of taking anything seriously. (I do still jokingly refer to the site as the cybershrine. Old habits die hard.)

After the 1999 Dark Shadows Festival, I posted photos of David that were given to me by several of my friends, and then I started receiving all sorts of donations for the site. Maria Josť contacted me from Spain with an offer of photos of David from European magazines that were published while Falcon Crest was airing. After that, many other folks jumped in to offer photos, articles, press releases, etc.

Over the years, this site has benefited from the input and generosity of quite a few people. Below, you'll see the names of all the folks without whose help this site wouldn't be the large monstrosity that it has become. You'll also find buttons that will take you to pages with additional information about this web site.

I hope you enjoy your visit.



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Special thanks to Chip & David Selby.


Special thanks to NancyMck for sharing so many of the moments that contributed to this site.


Thanks also to Edward Oleschak / World Entertainment, Charleston Stage Company (Maya Nye), Cabrillo Music Theatre (Lily Lee, Hillary Metcalf, Rob O'Neill, & Suzy Stokey), Hartford Stage, L.A. Theatre Works, Main Street Martinsburg, BuzzH, Jeannie, Sandy Henry, Gabe / www.raisethetitanic.com, Brad Stalnaker, Rosella, Bette, CynD, Midnite, Maria Josť, Tori, VampRich, LouCeeA, Bob Issel, Guy Haines, the Mysterious Benefactor, PatrickM, Jenny Brown Fagan, Renee, Chris, Teresa, Lily, janetmorris50, Rick Baron, Jay Nass, MrJuggins, Dean Wilson, Rich Blanco, Karen Hutchinson-Talaski, Marcy Robin / Shadowgram, DavidSelby.com, and those who wish to remain anonymous.


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The images and clips on this site are intended to help illustrate David's career for informational purposes and for the private enjoyment of visitors to the site. They may not be publicly reused in any way, shape, or form without prior permission. Where possible, information and/or links to view and/or purchase these images and clips in their original format is provided.


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