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Current and Recent Projects


Tell Me You Love Me


The official David Selby web site reports that David has signed on for a recurring role in the new HBO series Tell Me You Love Me. Selby will play Arthur, husband of a character played by Jane Alexander. The two have appeared together in the past in two different stage productions.


The original working title of the series was SexLife. Regular cast members include Michelle Borth, Tim DeKay, Morgan Kelly, Luke Kirby, Adam Scott, Sonya Walger, and Ally Walker. The series is described as "a boundary-pushing dramedy about three couples with intimacy issues." Tim DeKay's web site indicates that Jane Alexander plays a therapist.


Variety recently reported that former ER regular Sherry Stringfield has signed on for a recurring role in the series.


For more information, visit the IMDb web page for the new series.



Dark Shadows Reborn


David Selby joins original Dark Shadows cast members John Karlen, Lara Parker, and Kathryn Leigh Scott in a new series of audio dramas from the British-based Big Finish Productions. Four new audio recordings were made in May 2006. The first two recordings in the series debuted at the Dark Shadows 40th Anniversary Weekend held in Brooklyn in August. Dark Shadows: The House of Despair and Dark Shadows: The Book of Temptation are available through Amazon.


For additional information, including a trailer featuring all of the actors, please visit the Dark Shadows Reborn web site.



Reports on various web sites, including the California Film Industry site, indicate that David Selby spent late 2005 filming Spin, an independent feature film about the Latin music industry in America. Here's how the film is described by the production company, Cineira Entertainment:

The Latin music industry in America is seen through the eyes of a beautiful and crafty music producer and a very sexy Latina singer who becomes an international hit but whose personal lives are a disaster -- a colorful, sexy film about crossover Latin music a la Ricky Martin and Shakira.

The Cineira Entertainment web site has a brief clip in Quicktime format, but David Selby does not appear anywhere in it. Be aware that it does contain strong language. The site is a little tricky to navigate. At the bottom of the screen, a tan navigation bar will pop up when you hover your mouse over it. Choose "Films and TV" and then click on the word Spin, either the text or the graphic, to view the clip.

The film now has its own official website featuring screen captures, production stills, cast biographies, and a trailer format. David Selby can be seen in a few of the images and in the trailer. According to press materials for the film, "David Selby plays Rob Polan, owner of EME records and a wise, caring executive within an industry where dog eat dog is practiced regularly but even expected."

There is also a MySpace site for the film, and a teaser trailer is posted on VOY TV.

On Monday, January 23, 2006, a Spin party was held at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. A number of people associated with the film were in attendance. Photos are available from WireImage, but David Selby does not appear in any of the photos.

The film is slated to be released on DVD on January 23, 2007.




DavidSelby.com is reporting that David's next film project is Unknown, starring Jim Caviezel, Greg Kinnear, Bridget Moynahan, Joe Pantoliano, and Jeremy Sisto. Information about this project is very limited. Media reports indicate that Caviezel plays a "dark mystery man" and that the film will resemble Memento participants and viewers won't know who the bad guy is until the end.

indieWire has additional information about the film:

Described as "Memento" meets "Reservoir Dogs," "Unknown" opens with five men waking up in a chemical warehouse and realizing they don't know who they are and how they got there. But through time they deduct that some of them are hostages and some are kidnappers. The men now must figure out who is who as they've learned the lead kidnapper is on his way and plans to kill the hostages.

To read the complete article, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

On September 21, 25, kamera.co.uk published a feature in which the films' producers were interviewed about Unknown. Click here to read it.

A trailer for Unknown has been posted on JimCaviezel.us, a Jim Caviezel fan site. Click here. This is a newer copy than what was previously posted. Unlike the earlier one, the sound functions properly on this version.

Unknown began playing in limited release in November 2006. The IFC Films site indicates that the film will be part of the IFC First Take series. Films in this series are available to cable subscribers on demand. Check with your cable provider to see if this film is available in your area.

Unknown will be released on DVD in January 2007.



Black Hole

David spent the end of 2004 working on a new movie for SCI FI Channel called Black Hole. The movie stars Judd Nelson and Kristy Swanson and deals with an experiment gone wrong that leads to the formation of a black hole on Earth. Filming took place in St. Louis, Missouri. David plays General Ryker. The film premiered on the SCI FI Channel on Saturday, June 10, 2006. It will be released on DVD on August 1, 2006. Click here to buy a copy of the DVD from Amazon and support the site via your purchase.




Upcoming Appearances

Please note that information reported here about upcoming appearances is provided by the sources indicated. The inclusion of information below, unless otherwise indicated, does not indicate independent confirmation. Typically, public appearances are subject to change due to professional commitments. 


L.A. Theatre Works Tour: Selby Appearances Cancelled

If you've browsed around this site much, then you already know that David Selby regularly participates in L.A. Theatre Works' live radio theatre productions. You can read more about his work with them on the Radio/CD page.

In 2005, LATW launched touring productions of their performances. The first show to hit the road was The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial, and it was followed this past spring by The Prisoner of Second Avenue. In fall 2006, they will present a touring production of Herman Wouk's Caine Mutiny Court-Martial.

Various venues have announced their 2006-2007 schedules, indicating that David Selby and Eric Stoltz will be performing with a touring version of L.A. Theatre Works' Caine Mutiny Court-Martial this fall. However, due to scheduling conflicts with the filming of his new series, David Selby will not be performing in this production.

David has appeared as Lieutenant Commander Queeg in previous LATW productions. A recording of an earlier performance of The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial featuring David Selby is available on compact disc from Amazon.


Dark Shadows DVD Release Online Chat

To mark the release of Dark Shadows episodes on DVD, MPI Home Video will be hosting online chats with stars from the show. The date for David Selby's chat has not yet been announced. In fact, MPI Home Video has not held an online chat in over a year, so it doesn't look like this advertised chat is ever going to happen.

The Dark Shadows DVD sets can be purchased online via Amazon.com. Click here to view the complete series.

Note: Set 11 includes the first appearances by David Selby as the ghost of Quentin Collins. Set 13 includes the beginning of the 1897 storyline featuring Quentin's first words and includes an interview with David Selby. Sets 14-17 also include interview footage with David. Set 17 marks the conclusion of the 1897 storyline.

If you're not ready to purchase the Dark Shadows DVD collection yet, you may want to consider renting the DVDs. Netflix is DVD rental service that allows you to select titles online and receive and return them via mail. They carry Dark Shadows on DVD, and they currently offer a free trial subscription:

Try Netflix for Free!



Recent Appearances

Dark Shadows 40th Anniversary Haunted Halloween Party

On Thursday, October 26, 2006, the Dark Shadows 40th Anniversary Haunted Halloween Party was held at the Vista Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Original series guests in attendance included Betsy Durkin (Victoria Winters #2), Lara Parker (Angelique), Robert Rodan (Adam), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans), and David Selby (Quentin Collins). Actresses Karen Black (Trilogy of Terror) and Barbara Steele (Dr. Julia Hoffman in the 1991 Dark Shadows) and Dark Shadows composer Bob Cobert were also on hand.

Black, Cobert, and Steele placed their handprints and/or footprints in the cement outside the theatre to kick off the evening, and David Selby appeared in costume as Quentin Collins to recite "Quentin's Theme (Shadows of the Night)." An autograph line capped off the evening's events.

A photo from this event appears in the Photo Gallery. If you have photos from this event that you would like to share or a report about the event that you would like me to link to, please contact me via the Feedback page.


Dark Shadows 40th Anniversary Weekend

David Selby participated in the recent Dark Shadows 40th Anniversary Weekend at the Brooklyn Marriott on August 25-27, 2006. Over 1,200 fans attended the event. David read selections for his latest book, A Better Place, signed autographs, spoke during a tribute to Dark Shadows creator Dan Curtis, who passed away this year, took part in radio drama style performances of the first and last episodes of the series, and participated in Q & A sessions.

Anyone who attended this event and would like to share photos on this site should contact me via the Feedback page.


Other News



David Selby Interviewed for Grayson Hall Biography


David Selby was interviewed for R.J. Jamison's forthcoming Grayson Hall biography which is expected to be released in August 2006. Hall portrayed Dr. Julia Hoffman on Dark Shadows and received an Academy Award nomination in 1965 for her portrayal of Judith Fellowes in The Night of the Iguana. In 1977, several years after Dark Shadows, she appeared on stage with David Selby in New York in Rib Cage. For more information about the book, please visit writer R. J. Jamison's web site.



Majestic Studios Dark Shadows Figures 

Quentin Collins Gets Dolled Up


As reported in a recent Shadowgram email update, Majestic Studios will begin shipping their new series of Dark Shadows 12-inch figures in February 2006. Three figures are featured in the series: a "modern day" Barnabas Collins, 1795 Barnabas Collins, and 1897 Quentin Collins. The Quentin figure comes with interchangeable heads and hands so that he can be converted from human to werewolf.


Shadowgram reported in November 2006 that Majestic Studios has sold their entire stock of Quentin Collins figures, but the Dark Shadows Festival has a limited number available for $45. This price includes shipping. Send check or money order to Dark Shadows, P.O. Box 92, Maplewood, NJ 07040.


(The Barnabas Collins figures are no longer available.)




Falcon Crest on Your Computer

On March 15, 2006, America Online and Warner Bros. unveiled In2TV, a free on-demand broadband television service featuring numerous television series from the Warner Bros. catalog. Among the shows available for free online viewing is Falcon Crest. The service offers ten episodes at a time of each series.

Click here for the In2TV Falcon Crest page, which includes a Falcon Crest message board. In2TV video is only licensed for viewing within the United States, and it is not compatible with Mac or Linux. Click here to view the complete system requirements.



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