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When I first started watching Dark Shadows regularly on the Sci-Fi Channel in the mid-1990's, I was struck by the familiarity of some of the actors whom I had seen in various other television and movie roles before watching Dark Shadows. As I tried to figure out where I had first seen many of these actors, I started searching my local television schedule for films featuring them.

As I was introduced to the Internet, resources like the Internet Movie Database and the Dark Shadows FAQ made tracking down these other appearances much easier, and I began sharing the weekly schedules that I would compile on various Dark Shadows e-mail lists and message boards. Eventually, these schedules became monthly schedules, and I created my own web site on which to post them.

As "real life" got more hectic, I was unable to continue to compile the television schedules, and this site remained more or less dormant for over a year. I was also more interested in maintaining my David Selby site, which continues to be much more popular than this one.

Since this was my first web site, I hate to let it slip away entirely, so I have taken my database of films featuring Dark Shadows actors and published it with links to purchase those films on VHS and/or DVD from Amazon.com. You'll find this information in the Alumni Movie Store section of the site.

I do receive a small percentage of the purchase price from each sale generated by the links from this web site, but this does not affect the price of the items. This money helps me to maintain both of my web sites.

Hopefully, visitors who aren't interested in buying the films from Amazon.com will still find the information contained here useful for tracking down these movies on television or at a video rental store.

Some of these films only contain brief appearances by the actors. I've not seen all of them, but I'd be happy to provide you with any information that I can about a particular actor, role, or film. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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