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Dark Shadows on the Web

If you're just now discovering Dark Shadows sites on the web, the best place to start is the Dark Shadows Frequently Asked Questions Home Page. Mr. Juggins has compiled an exhaustive list of links to DS resources on the web.

Dark Shadows Tribute Web RingDark Shadows on the Sci-Fi
Dark Shadows Forums  Central Florida Dark Shadows Fan Club
Michael Miozza's Dark Shadows Movies SiteDark Shadows Festival Web Site Dark Shadows Online
Night of Dark Shadows Restoration Web Site The Realm of Stephen Mark Rainey (co-author of the second Dark Shadows novel from Harper Collins)
www.juliahoffman.comFans, Fangs, and Fun: A Vintage View of Dark Shadows Dedicated to its FansThe NancyMcK Web Site
Dark Shadows Journal Online

Dark Shadows-Related Merchandise

Dark Shadows PhotosDark Shadows items on eBay

Kathryn Leigh Scott's Pomegranate Press

Bob's House of Dark Shadows CollectiblesDark Shadows items on Amazon.comMPI Home Video
CynD's Shadow JewelryJonathan Frid: An Actor's Curious Journey by Malia HowardDRKS ONE's Dark Shadows Site (Photos and Videos)

Dark Shadows Actors

Note that some of the official sites also sell merchandise such as autographed photos, compact discs, and books.

Marie Wallace Online (Official Site)Official Terrayne Crawford Web SiteRoger Davis Web Site
The Big Lou Web Site (Louis Edmonds)Official Jonathan Frid Web Site Grayson Hall: A Woman in the Shadows
Dirtman's David Henesy SiteOfficial Donna McKechnie Web SiteOfficial Diana Millay Web Page
Official Denise Nickerson Web SiteThe Official Lara Parker Web SiteThe Page of Lara Parker & Angelique
Official Chris Pennock Web SiteOfficial Kathryn Leigh Scott Web SiteOfficial James Storm Web Site


Also be sure to visit my David Selby site.








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