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When this site first began, it was a monthly schedule of where to find the Dark Shadows actors on television in other roles, particularly films. Maintaining the site became more work than I could handle. In order to continue to publicize these other roles in some way, I am in the process of updating the site with a "by actor" list of the films available for purchase from This section also includes other projects by Dark Shadows creator Dan Curtis.

Please note that the pages below list only those movies available from If you notice that a particular film is not listed on these pages, the film is probably not currently available on video or DVD.

Below you will find an alphabetical list of the pages I have completed thus far. Please check back for updates.

Nancy Barrett
Dan Curtis
Roger Davis
Thayer David
Louis Edmonds
Jonathan Frid
Grayson Hall
John Karlen
Donna McKechnie
Diana Millay
Alexandra Moltke
Lara Parker
Kathryn Leigh Scott
David Selby


Also be sure to visit my David Selby site.








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